Strategic Directions and Goals

Student Access and Success

Student success in courses and programs is the top institutional priority. The quality and quantity of programs and services are sufficient to assure students the opportunity for success at CHC.


  • Support, guide and empower every student to achieve his or her goals.
  • Deliver and ensure access to programs, services, and support that meet students' needs.


The College and its structures and processes are characterized by inclusiveness, openness to input, and respect for diverse opinions among individual students and employees, groups and organizations.


  • Seek, welcome, and respect diversity, and promote inclusiveness.

Best Practices for Teaching and Learning

Innovative and effective practices are used throughout the College to facilitate authentic learning.


  • Achieve college-wide excellence in teaching and learning through best practices and ongoing reflection, assessment, and improvement.

Enrollment Management

Enrollment management is an ongoing process of balancing student and community needs with available funding and facilities.


  • Effectively manage enrollment through a dynamic balance of identified needs and available resources.
  • Identify and initiate the development of new courses and programs that align strategically with the needs of the College and its students.

Community Value

The College identifies and serves key community needs and promotes itself as a community asset.


  • Enhance the College's value to the community.

Effective, Efficient, and Transparent Processes

College processes interact effectively with each other and with those of the District and SBVC.


  • Implement and integrate planning processes and decision-making that are:
  • Collaborative
  • Transparent
  • Evidence-based
  • Effective and
  • Efficient

Organizational Development

The College continuously improves as an organization.


  • Optimize the organization's human resource capacity.
  • Manage change proactively.

Effective Resource Use and Development

The College actively seeks, advocates for, and acquires additional resources.


  • Maintain and use resources effectively.
  • Seek, advocate for, and acquire additional resources.
  • Maximize resource capacity related to facilities, technology, and other infrastructure.