Minimum Admission Requirements

These are simply minimum requirements, most campuses require a higher GPA and specific preparation in your major to be competitive applicants.  Having a Student Educational Plan by a counselor will help you stay on track towards meeting transfer. 


  • 60 CSU Transferrable Units
    • From the 60 units, 30 units must be selected from general education courses. 
    • Also, from the 60 units, you must complete the following 4 courses with a “C” or better
      • Oral Communication
      • English Composition
      • Critical Thinking
      • Quantitative Reasoning (College-level Math)
  • Overall minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Be in good standing (eligible to re-enroll) at all colleges or universities previously attended

California State University (CSU) General ED Requirements

Download the California State University (CSU) General ED Requirements (PDF)

IGETC for Transfer (CSU OR UC)

Download the 2017 - 2018 IGETC Requirements (PDF)