Academic Renewal Without Course Repetition

A student may alleviate certain previous substandard academic performance which is not reflective of his/her present demonstrated abilities through Academic Renewal Without Course Repetition. A student may petition to have any substandard grades for courses taken during two consecutive semesters of attendance eliminated from the computation of the total grade point average, not to exceed a total of thirty (30) units. Students submitting such petitions must have been enrolled and must have completed 24 units of college work at any accredited college with a grade point average of 2.0 or better subsequent to the semester(s) being petitioned. The semester(s) under consideration must have been completed at least two semesters prior to the time of submitting the petition. Neither grades nor courses will be “taken off” the student’s record. Instead, courses under consideration will be indicated and annotated accordingly on the student’s permanent record. The student’s permanent records from other institutions will not be altered. The student may not request for Academic Renewal more than once. (SBCCD Administrative Procedure 4240)