College Credit for Advanced Placement (AP)

CHC GE: Students should be aware that Advanced Placement (AP) test credit is evaluated by corresponding it to an equivalent Crafton Hills College course, e.g. History 101. A student who receives AP credit and then takes the equivalent Crafton Hills College course will have the unit credit for such duplication deducted prior to being awarded the A.A. degree. Credit by Advanced Placement exam is noted and listed first on a student’s transcript, with units assigned and no grade.

CSUGE: The AP examinations may be incorporated into the certification of CSU General Education-Breadth requirements by any certifying institution. All CSU campuses will accept the minimum units shown and apply them toward fulfillment of the designated General Education-Breadth area if the examination is included as part of a full or subject-area certification. Please note that individual CSU campuses may choose to grant more units than those specified toward completion of General Education-Breadth requirements.

IGETC: AP exams must be used in area indicated regardless of where the certifying CCC’s discipline is located.

College Credit for Advanced Placement (AP) Chart

Advanced Placement Policy

Crafton Hills College is a participant in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board. AP credit will be granted by Crafton Hills College according to the following policy:   

  1. Students must be enrolled at Crafton Hills College in order to apply for AP credit.
  2. Students are required to have completed twelve (12) units at Crafton Hills College prior to applying for AP credit. See a Counselor or Admissions and Records if the AP course  serves as a pre-requisite for a more advanced course.
  3. Students must bring a copy of the AP score report to Admissions and Records for evaluation.
  4. Students will receive units of credit on their Crafton Hills College Transcript.
  5. Units earned by AP examinations may be used to meet Certificate and Associate Degree requirements.
  6. Units earned by AP examinations may be used towards CSU General Education Breadth certification according to the CSU approval list.
  7. Units earned by AP examinations may be used to meet Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), with the exception of Critical Thinking (Area 1B) and Oral Communication (Area 1C). Credits earned with a score of 3 or higher on a designated AP examination may be applied when recognized by the college as equivalent to approved IGETC courses. Each individual AP examination can clear only one course.
  8. Units of AP credit may not be used to satisfy financial aid, veterans or EOPS eligibility criteria  regarding enrollment status.
  9. Units of AP credit may not be used to satisfy the College’s twelve (12) unit residency requirement, or be added to a student’s earned unit total for priority registration purposes.
  10. A maximum of 30 units through any combination of credit by examination may be granted toward the Associate Degree.
  11. Some four-year institutions (e.g., out of state) may not accept AP credit.
  12. AB 1985 requires that California Community Colleges implement a uniform policy to award a student who passes an AP exam course credit for IGETC, CSUGE, or local community college requirements, as appropriate for the student’s needs, in a course with subject matter similar to that of the AP exam. (Education Code: Chapter 9 of Part 48 of Division 7 of Title 3, Article 9, commencing with Section 79500) The following meet chart meets the requirements of AB 1985.