Withdrawal (W)

Students who withdraw or are withdrawn from class(es) after the end of the third week, or 20% of a term and before the end of the eleventh week, or 60% of a term, whichever is less, shall have a “W” posted to their permanent academic record. The “W” symbol shall not be used in calculating grade point averages, but shall be used in determining probation and dismissal.

A “W” shall not be assigned, or if assigned shall be removed, from a student’s academic record, if a determination is made that the student withdrew from a course due to discriminatory treatment or due to retaliation for alleging discrimination treatment or that the student withdrew because he/she reasonably believed that remaining in the course would subject him/her to discriminatory treatment/retaliation for alleging discriminatory treatment.

A “W” will not be assigned to any student who withdrew from one or more courses, where such withdrawal was necessary because of the student was engaged in fighting wildfires, was forced to evacuate his/her home due to such fires, or suffered loss or injury as a result of such fires.

A student who withdraws or is withdrawn from a course multiple times will be referred to counseling to help determine what is causing the need for repeated withdrawals. Students may receive no more than three (3) “W” grades for any one course. (Title 5, Section 55024)

Military Withdrawal (MW)

A Military Withdrawal or “MW” shall be assigned to a student who is a member of an active or reserve U.S. military service and who receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses. Upon verification of such orders, the symbol may be assigned at any time. The “MW” symbol shall not be counted in progress probation or dismissal calculations. (SBCCD Administrative Procedure 4233)