Prerequisites Corequisites and Departmental Recommendations

When registering for classes, students are required to adhere to enrollment policies that relate to prerequisites, corequisites and departmental recommendations.


1.  Prerequisite - a condition of enrollment students are required to meet in order to demonstrate readiness for enrollment in a course or educational program. Students registered in a class without having completed the prerequisite(s) may be dropped from the class. Prerequisite courses completed with a grade of D or F indicate unsatisfactory performance in those courses and do not satisfy the prerequisite.
2.  Corequisite - a condition of enrollment consisting of a course a student is required to take simultaneously in order to enroll in another course.
3. Departmental Recommendation - a condition of enrollment a student is advised, but not required, to meet before or in conjunction with enrollment in a course or education program.


Students will not be allowed to enroll in a prerequisite course taken after the higher level course, except by Petition for Academic Exception.