Student Grievance Procedure

(SBCCD Board Policy/Administrative Procedure 5530)

If you feel you have been treated unfairly, you have a right to complain. To ensure that your grievance receives a reasonable hearing, refer to SBCCD Board Policy/Administrative Procedure 5530.


Grievance proceedings may be initiated against a District employee or another student for any of the following reasons:

  •  Any act of threat or intimidation;
  •  Any act of threat of physical aggression;
  •  Any arbitrary action or imposition of sanctions without a proper regard to academic due process as specified in college procedures.


  • Grades are not grievable but can be appealed. (See SBCCD Administrative Procedure 5540).
  • Sexual harassment complaints are filed in accordance with SBCCD Administrative Regulation5510 and are not covered under Student Grievances.
  • Discrimination complaints are filed in accordance with SBCCD Administrative Procedure 3430 and are not covered under Student Grievances.

Time for Filing a Grievance Notice

The appropriate vice president, district manager, or designee will accept a formal written student grievance when submitted within 180 calendar days of the event’s occurrence and under the provisions specified. A grievance may be denied if the events occurred more than 180 calendar days prior to the date in which the grievance was filed in writing.

Only registered students may file a student grievance; non-student grievances may be considered by the designated vice president or manager if the grievance is a result of a dispute arising out of the registration or enrollment process, and the grievance is filed within thirty (30) calendar days of the alleged incident.

If more than one student files a grievance against an individual on the same issue or situation, members of the group shall select one person to serve as spokesperson/representative for the entire group.

A copy of all relevant Board Policies and Administrative Regulations can be obtained in the office of the Dean of Student Services.