Crafton Hills College Administration

Vice President of Administrative Services

Michael Strong, B.S.


Interim Vice President of Instruction

Keith Wurtz, Ph.D.


Vice President of Student Services

Rebeccah Warren-Marlatt, Ed.D.


Dean of Student Services & Student Development

Joe L. Cabrales, M.A.


Dean of Student Services Counseling & Matriculation

Kirsten S. Colvey, M.S.


Dean of Social, Informational, & Natural Sciences

William Van Muse, M.A.


Dean of Letters, Arts, & Mathematics

Kellori Dower, Ed.D.


Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning

Giovanni Sosa, Ph.D.


Interim Dean of Career Education & Human Development

Dan Word, M.A.


Director of Technology Services

Wayne Bogh, M.B.A.,


Director of Admissions & Records

Larry Aycock, M.A.M.


Director of EOPS/CARE/CalWORKS 

Rejoice Chavira, Ed.D.


Director of Aquatics

Heather Chittenden, M.B.A.


Director of Facilities

Larry Cook


Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Donna Hoffmann M.A.


Director of Financial Aid 

John Muskavitch, B.S.


Director of Student Life

Ericka Paddock, Ed.D.


Director of Community Relations & Resource Development

Michelle Riggs M.A.


Director of Child Development Center

Deborah Wasbotten, M.A.


Supervisor of Custodial & Receiving

Jeremy Crooks