Crafton Hills College Foundation

The Crafton Hills College Foundation is a tax-exempt organization established to receive gifts of both real and personal property as a basis for extending educational opportunities to students via scholarships, grants, loans, and other types of assistance.

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Board of Directors


William Nassar


Vice President

Sam Irwin



Rebeccah Warren-Marlatt


Chief Financial Officer

Mike Strong


Resource Development

Michelle Riggs


Administrative Secretary

Carrie Audet


Ray Casey

Brooke Duncan

Donna M. Ferracone

Gloria Macias Harrison

Valerie Johnson

Peter King

William Lindsey

Brandice Mello

Mark McConnell

Amy Minjares

Tommi Ng

Phong Nguyen

Rosaura Parsons

Col. David Raley

Barbara Smith

Michael J. Smith

Lilian Vasquez

Robert Visconti

Betty Jo Wood

June Yamamoto


Donna Hoffmann

Brent Hunter
Ericka N. Paddock
Keith Wurtz

Director Emeriti

Ann Atkinson

Daniel Bahner

Lillian Eaton

Leland Finkelstein

Carleton W. Lockwood, Jr.

Stephen Miller

Ron C. Mutter
Donald Nydam

Ray Quinto

James C. Ramos

Kirk G. Stitt
Robert Temple