San Bernardino Community College District Administration

San Bernardino

Board of Trustees

Joseph Williams, M.A., President
Gloria Macias Harrison, M.A., Vice President
Anne L. Viricel, D.P.A., Clerk

Donna Ferracone, M.A.
John Longville

Donald L. Singer, Ph.D.

Frank Reyes, M.A.
Elijah Gerard, Student Trustee, CHC

Autumn Blackburn, Student Trustee, SBVC

District Administration


Bruce Baron, M.S.


Executive Vice Chancellor

Jose Torres, M.P.A.


Associate Vice Chancellor

Richard Galope, M.B.A.


Chief of Police, District Police Department

Alvin Jackson Executive


Director, Human Resources

Kristina Hannon, M.A.


Interim Executive Director, Technology & Educational Support Services

Andrew Chang, M.S.


Interim Executive Director, Economic Development and Corporate Training

Robert Levesque, M.P.A


Interim Executive Director, Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Jeremiah Gilbert, Ph.D.


Director, Marketing, Public Relations, and Governmental Affairs

Angel Rodriguez, B.A.


Director, Facilities Planning, and Construction

Hussain Agah, M.S.


Director, Fiscal Services

Lawrence Strong, B.S.


Director, Internal Audits

David James, M.B.A.


Business Manager

Steve Sutorus, M.B.A.


Interim General Manager, KVCR-TV/FM

Keith Birkfeld