Excused Withdrawal (EW)

An “Excused Withdrawal” occurs when a student is permitted to withdraw from a course(s) due to specific events beyond the control of the student affecting his or her ability to complete a course(s) (C.C.R. § 55024(e)(1).) Acceptable reasons for excused withdrawal may include and must have verifiable supporting documentation:

  • Job transfer outside the geographical region;
  • Illness in the family where the student is the primary caregiver;
  • An incarcerated student in a California State Prison or County Jail is released from custody or involuntarily transferred before the end of the term;
    •  In the case of an incarcerated student, an excused withdrawal cannot be applied if the failure to complete the course(s) was the result of a student's behavioral violation or if the student requested and was granted a mid-semester transfer;
  • The student is the subject of an immigration action;
  • Death of an immediate family member;
  • Chronic or acute illness;
  • Verifiable accidents;
  • Natural disasters directly affecting the student; or
  • Other extenuating circumstances as described in C.C.R. § 55024(a)(2)

Verifiable documentation can include, but is not limited to a note from a doctor stating the student is not currently able to complete the work due to illness, employment verification of a new job, a booking report, police report of an accident, or any other documentation that proves the student’s completion of a course is impractical. The California Community College Chancellor’s Office defines impractical as impossible due to reasons beyond the student’s control. The determination shall be made by the Director of Admissions & Records.

An "EW" symbol may be requested by the student any time after the drop date of the course, and no later than the date when district policy allows a grade change.  To request an excused withdrawal, the student must submit an Academic Exceptions Petition along with the required verifiable supporting documentation to the Admissions & Records Office.  The Director of Admissions & Records will review the request and make a determination which shall be final.

Upon verification and approval, and consistent with the district's required documentation substantiating the condition, an excused withdrawal symbol may be assigned. The grade assigned for excused withdrawal shall be “EW.” Excused withdrawals shall not be counted in progress probation and dismissal, or in the permitted number of withdrawals or counted as an enrollment attempt. Excused withdrawals are not eligible for a refund of enrollment fees. The financial aid of a student may be affected depending on individual circumstance. A student should consult with the financial aid staff regarding any impact.