EMS 020 Emergency Medical Technician

This course presents the training of the knowledge and skills necessary for the certification as an Emergency Medical Technician using US DoT and California Code of Regulation standards.

Units: 6.00

Offered: (Fa,Sp)

Associate Degree Applicable

Prerequisites: 18 years of age at the time of program orientation and meet the functional job requirements of the Emergency Medical Technician

Corequisites: EMS 021, EMS 022, EMS 023, EMS 025, EMS 066, EMS 067, and EMS 068

Lecture: Minimum 60 hours per semester

Laboratory: Minimum 60 hours per semester

Clinic: Minimum 24 hours per semester

Field: Minimum 24 hours per semester

Departmental Recommendation: Meet the cognitive, physical and emotional requirements of certification. Possess good dexterity,coordination, and abilities to work in confined spaces,on the ground and in an unstable unpredictable environment.


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