Technical Theater Entertainment Technology Level 1 Skills

The Technical Theatre Training program graduates highly trained and specialized scenic technicians who have learned a sound working knowledge of their craft and a respect for the skills and technologies associated with their chosen profession. Program Student Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate basic competency using technical theater systems for scenery, lights and sound in the production and realization of scenery, lighting plans and/or audio plans for live events. Serve as technical crew, designer's assistant, designers and or crew heads in the realization of a fully produced theater event. Identify theater literature and visual styles practices, systems, and historical context used within the realization of theater events.

Major/Program Requirements

Required Courses:

THART 100 or THART 100HIntroduction to Theatre


THART 134X4Technical Theatre Workshop


THART 145Advanced Theatre Practicum I


THART 176Fundamentals of Stagecraft I


THART 179Fundamentals of Stagecraft II


THART 245Advanced Theatre Practicum II


MULTI 212Digital Media Careers


Note: THART 134X4 must be taken twice at one (1) unit to equal two (2) completed units.

Total Credit Hours: 20