American Sign Language Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate with intermediate proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL).

Major/Program Requirements

Career and Academic Pathways

Required Courses

ASL 101American Sign Language I


ASL 102American Sign Language II


ASL 103American Sign Language III


ASL 104American Sign Language IV


Total Credit Hours: 16.00


A student receiving a certificate in this field will be able to:

  • Expressive Communication: Students will demonstrate language proficiency by signing American Sign Language at a beginning to intermediate level (ASL conceptualization and grammar, sign production, speed/fluency, and non-manual grammar are assessed).
  • Receptive Communication and Linguistics: Students will interpret visual/signed ASL at a beginning to intermediate level and demonstrate understanding of ASL grammar structures and concepts.
  • Cultural Diversity and Appreciation: Students will demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the Deaf Community regarding social interactions, beliefs, values, arts, literature, entertainment, and diversity. They will interact with members of the Deaf Community, compare and contrast cultural norms, and appreciate the similarities and differences.