Computer Science - Associate of Science

Major/Program Requirements

Career and Academic Pathways

Required Courses:

The Associate of Science degree in Computer Science at Crafton Hills College is designed to meet the needs of students transferring to a four-year university  who intend to major in Computer Science or a related field of study
CSCI 110Introduction to Computer Science I (C++)


CSCI 120Introduction to Computer Science II (C++)


CSCI 200 or MATH 200Discrete Structures


CSCI 230Data Structures and Algorithms (Java)


CSCI 240Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming


MATH 250Single Variable Calculus I


Total Credit Hours: 20.00

Lower division requirements for students interested in transferring to a four-year institution in this field may differ from associate degree requirements. Prospective transfer students should complete the general education and lower division requirements of the school to which they will be transferring. See a counselor for details. Information is also available at

A student receiving a degree in this field will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of computer science and mathematics to design computing systems and to solve a variety of problems.
  • Analyze a problem and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution.
  • Design, implement, and evaluate software solutions that satisfy problem requirements.
  • Collaborate effectively in teams.
  • Communicate technical contents effectively in both written and spoken formats.