Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic Certificate of Achievement

The objective of this certificate is to train students with the necessary cognitive, psychomotor, and affective behaviors to provide advanced life support in the pre-hospital setting and to provide the necessary coursework to be licensed in the state of California. Completion of the certificate will prepare students for entry-level employment as Emergency Medical Technician–Paramedic and other occupations requiring Paramedic-level license.

Prior to starting this program the student must show proof of a clear criminal background check.

Contact the Emergency Medical Services Office for application materials.

Candidates must successfully complete a minimum of 39.00 units of prescribed course work. A minimum grade of "C" must be maintained in all course work related to Emergency Medical Services. A "C" in these courses is considered to be 80% or higher.

Entrance Requirements:

  1. Current, CA EMT-Basic Certification
  2. Must meet the age, physical and licensure requirements
  3. Minimum of six months full-time experience or 1000 hours of part-time EMS experience
  4. ANAT 101 or ANAT 150 and ANAT 151 or CSU transferable equivalent
  5. High school diploma or GED
  6. Current negative TB test within six months or chest x-ray within two years
  7. Tetanus-diphtheria (T-D) booster within the last ten years
  8. Completion of Hepatitis B immunization series or titer showing immunity
  9. Completion of varicella (chickenpox) vaccination or titer showing immunity
  10. MMR titer showing immunity or proof of MMR immunization
  11. Physical examination within the last six months; must be performed by a physician or nurse practitioner and must include a statement that you “are free to participate in the Paramedic Program without restriction.”

Entrance Competencies:

  1. Reading level of 12th grade or higher
  2. Math proficiency level of 10th grade or higher
  3. Written EMT-Basic competency of 80 percent or higher
  4. Written anatomy and physiology competency of 80 percent or higher
  5. Oral judgment of simulated field situations of 80 percent or higher
  6. Eligible to be licensed/accredited by state and local EMS agency

In order to be eligible for licensure as a paramedic in the state of California, students must complete the following 39.00 units, pass National Registry written and skills examinations, and meet all other licensure requirements established by the state.

Major/Program Requirements

Career and Academic Pathways

Required Courses:

EMS 150Patient Assessment for Paramedics


EMS 151Introduction to EMS for Paramedics


EMS 152Cardiology for the Paramedic


EMS 153Pharmacology for the EMT-Paramedic


EMS 154Emergency Medical Services Theory for the Paramedic


EMS 155Skills Development for Paramedics


EMS 156Clinical Internship for the Paramedic


EMS 157Field Externship for the Paramedic


Total Credit Hours:39.00


A student receiving a degree/certificate in this field will be able to:

  • Draw inferences and conclusions that are logical and supported by evidence.
  • Recognize how environments influence opinion, reaction to stress and judgement.
  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  • Apply knowledge to analysis of specific problems.
  • Solve problems and makes decisions.