General Education

NOTE: The courses required for general education at Crafton Hills College (see requirement number 8) may also be used towards fulfilling areas of the IGETC and/or CSU GE requirements.

General Education courses provide a fundamental learning foundation for all instructional programs offered by the college. These courses are designed to stimulate the student’s intellectual curiosity, to introduce the student to the major broad domains of higher education, and to develop the student’s awareness of societal concerns and the responsibilities of citizenship. All programs leading to the associate degree include a general education component.

General Education at Crafton Hills College is designed to prepare students to:

  • analyze, synthesize, and evaluate various forms of information;
  • demonstrate effective oral and written communication;
  • analyze and use quantitative and qualitative data;
  • apply problem-solving and decision-making skills utilizing multiple methods of inquiry;
  • recognize the contributions of the arts, humanities, and sciences;
  • make informed decisions regarding physical, mental, and emotional health issues;
  • develop social awareness and a global perspective;
  • understand the power and complexity of diversity.

General Education provides a broad cultural and intellectual background to complement mastery of specific fields of knowledge and contributes to an individual’s self-awareness.