Locally Approved, Non-transcripted Certificates

Shorter credit programs leading to a certificate may be established without review and approval by the Chancellor after approval by the college curriculum committee and the district governing board. Such a certificate may be given any name or designation deemed appropriate by the district governing board, except that such a certificate may not be referred to as a certificate of achievement, a certificate of completion, or a certificate of competency, unless approved by the Chancellor. Such a certificate may not be listed on a student’s transcript, unless approved by the Chancellor. (Title 5, Section 55070)

Crafton Hills College offers the following non-transcripted certificates. Refer to the particular discipline for course descriptions and requirements for each certificate.

  1. Child Development- Associate Teacher
    • American Sign Language
  2. Computer Information Systems
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate
    • Programming
    • Web Design
  3. Emergency Medical Services
    • EMT-Basic
    • Mobile Intensive Care Nurse
  4. Fire Technology
    • Inspection Academy
    • Firefighter I Basic Training Academy
  5. Music
    • Music Technology and Songwriting Fundamentals
    • Music Technology, Composition and Songwriting