Computer Assisted Graphic Design Certificate (Art)

The objective of this certificate is to provide students the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in entry-level positions in the field of Computer Assisted Graphic Design. The certificate indicates student knowledge of the software, theory, and abilities required to pursue a career in Computer Assisted Graphic Design.

Completion of the following 18.00 units qualifies the student for the Computer Assisted Graphic Design Certificate.

Major/Program Requirements

Required Courses:

ART 120Foundations of Two-Dimensional Design


ART 124Drawing I


CIS 163Introduction to PhotoShop


CIS 165Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation


CIS 180Computer Graphics with Adobe Illustrator


CIS 182Desktop Publishing with Adobe Indesign

1.00 - 3.00

Total Credit Hours:14-18

Recommended Courses:

CIS 166Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation


CIS 184Photoshop and Digital Photography


Total Credit Hours: 14-18

A student receiving a certificate in this field will be able to:

  • Define and use the tools and skills needed to create drawings and graphics for a wide range of applications
  • Work collaboratively on a team project
  • Demonstrate the ability to define and use the terminology of drawing and graphic design
  • Define and use the terminology of drawing and graphic design
  • An understanding of the legal, ethical, and moral issues of media communication
  • Work within the media copyright and legal regulatory environment
  • Select and evaluate appropriate visual communication strategies and styles for a specific purpose