French - Associate of Arts Degree

The French program at Crafton Hills College provides students an opportunity to communicate in French as well as an understanding of French culture.

Major/Program Requirements

Required Courses:

FRENCH 101College French I


FRENCH 102College French II


FRENCH 103College French III


FRENCH 104College French IV


Total Credit Hours: 20.00

A student completing courses in this field will be able to:

  • Demonstrate language proficiency by writing and speaking French at a beginning level
  • Interpret written and spoken messages in French at a beginning level
  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the French- speaking world regarding social interactions, beliefs, values, arts, literature, music and geography
  • Define the concept of culture, appreciate other cultures and interact with members of those cultures in relation to their own
  • Apply their knowledge of French language and culture beyond the classroom in interactions within multicultural communities and the world