General Education

Option 1: Associate degree

The general education requirements for Option 1 are designed by Crafton Hills College to provide a fundamental learning foundation for all instructional programs offered by the college. These courses are designed to stimulate the student’s intellectual curiosity, to introduce the student to the major broad domains of higher education, and to develop the student’s awareness of societal concerns and the responsibilities of citizenship.


Option 2: Associate degree with the intent to transfer to a four year institution

Option 2A

The general education breadth requirements for option 2A follow the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC). Students completing the IGETC pattern will satisfy Option 2A general education breadth requirements.

Option 2B

The general education breadth requirements for option 2B follow the California State University (CSU) general education breadth pattern. Students completing the CSU general education breadth pattern will satisfy Option 2B general education breadth requirements.