Course Transferability

Many courses numbered 100 through 299 are acceptable for transfer to the California State University and the University of California. Courses that are transferable to these universities will have CSU and/or UC printed directly beneath the title of the course. If CSU or UC is followed by an asterisk (*), there may be a limitation on the credit allowed. Please check with a counselor for specific details. Courses that apply to the Associate degree are indicated under the course title.

Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID)

The Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) is a statewide numbering system independent from the course numbers assigned by local California community colleges. A C-ID number next to a course indicates that participating California colleges and universities have determined that courses offered by other California community colleges are comparable in content and scope to courses offered on their own campuses, regardless of different titles or numbers. If a schedule of classes or catalog lists a course with a C-ID number (for example COMM 110) students at that college can be assured that it will be accepted in lieu of a course with the C-ID COMM 110 designation at another community college. In other words, the C-ID designation can be used to identify comparable courses at different community colleges. However, students should always go to to confirm how each college’s course will be accepted at a particular four-year college or university for transfer credit.

The C-ID numbering system is useful for students attending more than one community college and is applied to many of the transferable courses students need as preparation for transfer. Because these course requirements may change and because courses may be modified and added to or deleted from the C-ID database, students should always check with a counselor to determine how C-ID designated courses fit into their educational plans for transfer.

Students may consult the ASSIST database at for specific information on C-ID course designations. Counselors are available to help students interpret or explain this information. Courses that qualify as C-ID are located in section VII.

Current Crafton Hills College Courses with C-ID Assignment

C-ID Descriptor CHC Course(s)
ACCT  110 ACCT-208
ACCT  120 ACCT-209
ANTH  150
ARTH  110 ART-100, ART-100H
ARTS  100 ART-120
ARTS  101 ART-121
ARTS  110 ART-124
ARTS  200 ART-132
ARTS  205 ART-125
ARTS  210 ART-126
BIOL  115S ANAT-150, ANAT-151
BIOL  140 BIOL-131, BIOL-131H
BIOL  190 BIOL-130, BIOL-130H
BUS  110 BUSAD-100
BUS  115 BUSAD-145, COMMST-145
BUS  125 BUSAD-210
BUS  140 BUSAD-230, CIS-101
CDEV  100 CD-105
CDEV  110 CD-126
CHEM  110 CHEM-150, CHEM-150H
CHEM  120S CHEM-150, CHEM-150H,
CHEM-151, CHEM-151H
CHEM  150 CHEM-212
CHEM  160S CHEM-212, CHEM-213
COMM  140 COMMST-140
COMM  150 COMMST-174
COMP  122 CSCI-110
COMP  132 CSCI-120
COMP  142 CSCI-240
COMP  152 CSCI-200, MATH-200
ECE  200 CD-212
ECE  210 CD-205
ECE  220 CD-115
ECE  230 CD-182
ECON  201 ECON-201, ECON-201H
ECON  202 ECON-200, ECON-200H
ENGL  100 ENGL-101, ENGL-101
ENGL  105 ENGL-102, ENGL-102H
ENGL  120 ENGL-152, ENGL-152H
ENGL  130 ENGL-260
ENGL  135 ENGL-261
ENGL  140
ENGL  145 ENGL-281
ENGL  160 ENGL-270
ENGL  165 ENGL-271
ENGL  180 ENGL-155, ENGL-155H
ENGL  200 ENGL-232
GEOG  110 GEOG-110, GEOG-110H
GEOG  111 GEOG-111, GEOG-111H
GEOG  115 GEOG-110, GEOG-110H,
GEOG-111, GEOG-111H
GEOG  120 GEOG-102, GEOG-102H
GEOG  125 GEOG-120
GEOG  130 GEOG-114, GEOG-115
GEOG  140 GEOG-126
GEOL  100 GEOL-101, GEOL-101H
GEOL  100L GEOL-160
GEOL  101 GEOL-100, GEOL-100H
GEOL  110 GEOL-113
GEOL  111 GEOL-112
GEOL  120 GEOL-140
GEOL  120L GEOL-141
GEOL  130 GEOL-150, GEOL-150H
GEOL  200 GEOL-250
HIST  130 HIST-100, HIST-100H
HIST  140 HIST-101, HIST-101H
JOUR  100 COMMST-135, JOUR-135
JOUR  110 ENGL-120, JOUR-120
KIN  100 KIN-200
KIN  101 KIN-231
MATH  110 MATH-110, PSYCH-120
MATH  120 MATH-106
MATH  140 MATH-141
MATH  210 MATH-250
MATH  220 MATH-251
MATH  230 MATH-252
MATH  250
MATH  900S MATH-250, MATH-251
MUS  100 MUSIC-120, MUSIC-120H
MUS  110 MUSIC-100
MUS  120 MUSIC-101
MUS  125
MUS  130 MUSIC-102
MUS  135
MUS  150 MUSIC-202
MUS  160 MUSIC-141X4
MUS  180 MUSIC-150X4, MUSIC-164X4
PHIL  100 PHIL-101
PHIL  120 PHIL-105, PHIL-105H
PHYS  105 PHYSIC-110
PHYS  110 PHYSIC-111
PHYS  205 PHYSIC-250
PHYS  210 PHYSIC-251
PHYS  215 PHYSIC-252
POLS  110 POLIT-100, POLIT-100H
POLS  120 POLIT-110
POLS  130 POLIT-104
POLS  140 POLIT-106
PSY  110 PSYCH-100, PSYCH-100H
PSY  115 PSYCH-102
PSY  120 PSYCH-110
PSY  130 PSYCH-118
PSY  180 PSYCH-111
PSY  200 PSYCH-101
SOCI  110 SOC-100, SOC-100H
SOCI  115 SOC-105
SOCI  130 SOC-130
SOCI  140 SOC-145
SOCI  150 SOC-141
SPAN  100 SPAN-101
SPAN  110 SPAN-102
SPAN  200 SPAN-103
SPAN  210 SPAN-104
THTR  111 THART-100, THART-100H
THTR  113 ENGL-108, THART-108
THTR  114 ENGL-226, THART-226
THTR  151 THART-120
THTR  152 THART-220
THTR  171 THART-179
THTR  191 THART-124X2
THTR  192 THART-134X4