Prerequisite Corequisite Challenge Process

Any prerequisite or corequisite may be challenged by a student on one or more of the grounds listed below. The student shall bear the initial burden of showing grounds exist for the challenge. Challenges shall be resolved in a timely manner and, if the challenge is upheld, the student shall be permitted to enroll in the course in question. Grounds for challenge are:

  • The prerequisite or corequisite has not been established in accordance with the district’s process for establishing prerequisites and corequisites;
  • The prerequisite or corequisite is in violation of Title 5 of the Education Code;
  • The prerequisite or corequisite is either unlawfully discriminatory or is being applied in an unlawfully discriminatory manner;
  • The student has the knowledge or ability to succeed in the course or program despite not meeting the prerequisite or corequisite;
  • The student will be subject to undue delay in attaining the goal of his or her Student Educational Plan because the prerequisite or corequisite course has not been made reasonably available;
  • The student seeks to enroll and has not been allowed to enroll due to a limitation on enrollment established for a course that involves intercollegiate competition or public performance, or enrollment in one or more of the courses has been limited to a cohort of students. The student shall be allowed to enroll in such a course if otherwise he or she would be delayed by a semester or more in attaining the degree or certificate specified in his or her Student Educational Plan; 
  • The student seeks to enroll in a course which has a prerequisite established to protect students’ health and safety, and the student demonstrates that he or she does not pose a threat to himself or herself or others.


For more information, visit the Counseling Center in CCR-201 or call 909.389.3366.