MATH 910 Introduction to Probability and Statistics Support

A review of the core prerequisite skills, competencies, and concepts needed in statistics. Intended for students who are concurrently enrolled in MATH 110, Introduction to Probability and Statistics. Topics include concepts from arithmetic, prealgebra, elementary and intermediate algebra, and descriptive statistics that are needed to understand the basics of college-level statistics. Concepts are taught through the context of descriptive data analysis. Additional emphasis is placed on solving and graphing linear equations and modeling with linear functions. Graded on a Pass/No Pass Basis only. Non-degree applicable.

Units: 1.00 - 2.00

Offered: (Fa,Sp,Sm)

Not Associate Degree Applicable

Prerequisites: MATH 085, MATH 095 or eligibility for MATH 910 as determined through the Crafton Hills College assessment process

Corequisites: MATH 110

Lecture: Minimum 8-16 hours per semester

Laboratory: Minimum 24-48 hours per semester