CHEM 150 General Chemistry I

First semester in a year-long general chemistry sequence. Study of the fundamental principles of chemistry. Topics include atomic structure, bonding, the periodic table, stoichiometry, chemical reactions, enthalpy and nomenclature. Laboratory component is both qualitative and quantitative in scope. Critical thinking, writing, measurement, identification, and analysis skills are emphasized. The course meets requirements of science majors as well as pre-dental, pre-medical, pre-veterinary and pre-engineering majors. (C-ID CHEM 110, C-ID CHEM 120S course one of two)

Units: 5.00

Offered: (Fa,Sp,Sm)

UC, CSU, Associate Degree Applicable

Prerequisites: MATH 095 or eligibility for MATH 102 as determined through the Crafton Hills College assessment process, and CHEM 101 or eligibility for CHEM 150 as determined through the Crafton Hills College assessment process

Corequisites: None

Also Offered As: CHEM 150H

Lecture: Minimum 48 hours per semester

Laboratory: Minimum 96 hours per semester


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