Strategic Directions and Goals

Strategic Direction 1: Promote Student Success

Ensure that Crafton Hills College students encounter life-changing experiences that promote their academic success, career advancement, and personal development.


  • Support, Guide and Empower Every Student to Achieve Goals
  • Use Every Area on Campus to Promote Student Learning

Strategic Direction 2: Build Campus Community

Ensure that college structures, processes, and groups are inclusive, celebrating diversity, and nurturing relationships.


  • Promote inclusiveness and community
  • Seek, respect, and celebrate diversity

Strategic Direction 3: Develop Teaching and Learning Practices

Crafton Hills College promotes innovative and effective teaching and learning strategies


  • Develop a culture of mastery in teaching
  • Teach students to be great learners

Strategic Direction 4: Expand Access

Crafton Hills College is dedicated to increasing the community’s college-going rate and will promote equitable access to higher education.


  • Promote a college-going culture in our core service area
  • Increase college capacity to serve our core service area

Strategic Direction 5: Enhance Value to the Surrounding Community

Crafton Hills College is actively engaged with the surrounding community


  • Be recognized as the college of choice in the communities they serve
  • Expand the reputation of Crafton Hills College as an essential partner and valued asset
  • Distinguish Crafton Hills College as a respected resource for local employers and the workplace

Strategic Direction 6: Promote Effective Decision Making

Crafton Hills College uses decision making processes that are effective, efficient, transparent, and evidence-based.


  • Value and engage in shared governance
  • Promote a culture of evidence-based decision making
  • Implement college-wide integrated planning

Strategic Direction 7: Develop Programs and Services

Crafton Hills College is committed to providing excellent and responsive programs and services.


  • Improve and expand services
  • Improve and expand programs

Strategic Direction 8: Support Employee Growth

Crafton Hills College is committed to developing the full potential of every employee.


  • Become an organization that embraces a culture of continuous learning

Strategic Direction 9: Optimize Resources

Crafton Hills College develops, sustains, and strengthens its resources


  • Plan for growth and align resources
  • Value the Crafton Hills College environment
  • Support the implementation of streamlined processes