Payment of Fees

As a publicly supported community college, Crafton Hills College provides quality education at a low cost. All fees are subject to change. Consult the website for the current listing of fees and other costs.

Mandatory Fees

Enrollment Fees:

  • $46.00 per semester unit.

Non-Resident / Foreign Tuition:

  •    $290.00 per semester unit Non-Resident fee
  • + $46.00 per semester unit Enrollment fee (listed above)
  • + $15.00 per semester unit Capital Outlay fee (listed below)
  • = $351.00 per semester unit
 Note: Non-resident / Foreign students must also pay the mandatory enrollment fees listed above.

    Why do non-residents pay more? 
    California public higher education is "subsidized" by the state. The lower fees for students who reside in California are intended to reflect the contribution they and their parents have already made by living and paying taxes in California. The fee charged to non-California residents is intended to cover the cost of the "subsidy" that is provided to California Residents.

    Audit Fee:

    • $15.00 per semester unit

    Note: This fee applies to students enrolling in courses for audit and is in lieu of the Enrollment Fee listed above. Students enrolled in ten (10) or more semester credit units will not be charged a fee to audit three (3) or fewer units per semester.

    Capital Outlay Fee:

    • $15.00 per semester unit

    Note: This fee applies to all non-resident students.

    Student Center Fee:

    • $1.00 per semester unit with a maximum of $10.00 per year assessed fall through summer.

    Student Representation Fee:

    • $2.00 per semester.

    Note: This fee may be waived for moral, religious, political or financial reasons. Student Representation Fee Waiver form (pdf)

    Health Fee:

    • Fall or Spring - $19.50 per semester.
    • Summer - $16.50 per semester.

    Note: Off-campus courses are exempt from paying this fee. 

    Waiver: Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization may request a waiver of this fee. Waiver requests must be submitted to the Admissions & Records Office each semester after registering for courses and before payment is submitted.

    Accident Insurance Fee:

    • $1.50 per semester.

    Note: Off-campus classes are exempt from paying this fee.

    Student Transportation Fee: 

      Fall and Spring Semester:

    • Students enrolled in six (6) or more units (district wide) - $9.00 per semester.
    • Students enrolled in less than six (6) units (district wide) - $8.00 per semester.

    Summer Session:

    • Students enrolled in six (6) or more units (district wide) - $6.00 per semester.
    • Students enrolled in less than six (6) units (district wide) - $5.00 per semester.

    Payment Policy:

    Students should be aware of the following payment rules when registering:

    • Students who are not legal residents of California must pay the current non-resident tuition fees.
    • Payment is due at the time of registration.
    • As the student, you are responsible for dropping classes by the stated deadlines. If you register for a class and later change your mind, it is your responsibility to drop the class. You may be responsible for some or all of the fees for dropped courses as per the District Refund Policy.
    • If you are a financial aid recipient, your award will not cover all of your fees. You are responsible to submit payment for any balance due.
    • An outstanding balance will result in a Hold placed on your account.

    What does a Financial Hold/Outstanding Balance Hold mean?

    A hold is placed on all student accounts with past due fees. The hold prevents you from registering for courses, ordering transcripts, enrollment verification, receiving your certificate, and diploma. Additionally, you may not be able to participate in additional school activities such as field trips, while your account is on a financial hold. The Financial/Outstanding Balance Hold will be released upon receipt of full payment.

    Payments are accepted online via WebAdvisor or in-person in the Admissions & Records Office.

    Any fees covered by Financial Aid will be paid automatically at the time of registration. The AS Card and parking permit are optional and at your expense. Please check your registration statement (printout). You may have a balance due.

    Optional Fees