MATH 110H Introduction to Probability and Statistics - Honors

The use of probability techniques, hypothesis testing, and predictive techniques to facilitate decision-making. An introduction to the mathematics involved in the statistical formulas. Topics include descriptive statistics; probability and sampling distributions; statistical inference; correlation and linear regression; analysis of variance, chi-square and t-tests; and application of technology for statistical analysis including the interpretation of the relevance of the statistical findings. Applications using data from disciplines including business, life science, physical science, health science, education, social sciences, and psychology. This course includes content and experience appropriate for students wishing to earn honors credit. (C-ID MATH 110)

Units: 4.00

Offered: (Fa,Sp)

UC*, CSU, Associate Degree Applicable

Prerequisites: Acceptance into the College Honors Institute and MATH 095 or eligibility for MATH 110 as determined through the Crafton Hills College assessment process.

Corequisites: None

Also Offered As: MATH 110

Lecture: Minimum 64 hours per semester

Departmental Recommendation: Concurrent enrollment in MATH 117


*MATH 108, MATH 110(H), PSYCH 108, PSYCH 120 combined: maximum UC transferable credit, one course.


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