Music Technology, Composition and Songwriting Certificate

The objective of this certificate is to provide students the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for employment in entry-level positions in music creation and production environments. This certificate indicates that the student has acquired knowledge of different aspects of music technology including recording, amplification, installation, and organizational aspects of the industry, as well as knowledge of music theory.

Major/Program Requirements

Career and Academic Pathways

Required Courses:

MUSIC 101Music Theory I


MUSIC 102Music Theory II


MUSIC 190Songwriting and Composition


MUSIC 195Music Technology and Recording


Total Credit Hours: 14.00

A student receiving a certificate in this field will be able to:

  • Song write and compose using multiple modes of Western Notation.
  • Create chord progressions and melodies.
  • Set text to music using appropriate prosody.
  • Demonstrate the ability to set microphones for recording.
  • Demonstrate the ability to record live performances and studio sessions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to master a recording.
  • Identify all intervals, scales, and chords by ear.
  • Analyze scores and chord functions from Common Practice Era literature.
  • Part-write to demonstrate knowledge of advanced chord functions.
  • Sight-sing in Major keys, minor keys, and modes.