Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer (AA-T) Degree

The Associate in Arts-Transfer (AA-T) degree in Psychology at Crafton Hills College is designed to meet the needs of students transferring to a California State University or University of California who intend to major in Psychology or a related field of study.

Major/Program Requirements

Career and Academic Pathways

Required Core Courses:

PSYCH 100 or PSYCH 100HGeneral Psychology


PSYCH 201Research Methods




MATH 110 or MATH 110HIntroduction to Probability and Statistics



PSYCH 120Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences


Required List A Course:

BIOL 100General Biology


Required List B Course:

PSYCH 111Developmental Psychology: Lifespan


Required List C Courses:

Students must complete at least three (3) units from the following courses
PSYCH 102Personal and Social Adjustment


PSYCH 103Theories of Personality


PSYCH 110Abnormal Psychology


PSYCH 118Human Sexual Behavior


Total Credit Hours: 21.00

Prospective transfer students should complete the general education and lower division requirements of the school to which they will be transferring (IGETC or CSUGE Breadth).  See a counselor for details.  Information is also available at

A student receiving a degree in this field will be able to:

  • Identify and describe the historical trends, theoretical views, values of the field, concepts, methods, techniques and research associated with psychology.
  • Use library and online resources effectively to locate and evaluate peer-reviewed research, and apply APA style in citing supporting information related to specific topics in psychology.
  • Critically analyze research and real-life situations, and apply psychological insights to their own growth and development.