ECON 200 Principles of Macroeconomics

Introduction to the basic mechanisms of macroeconomics, including key underlying concepts, theories and institutions such as the market system, national income accounting, the Classical and Keynesian theories, the Federal Reserve System and the banking system. An examination of various contemporary economic problems such as business cycle, economic growth, unemployment, inflation, and budget deficit and debt. Other topics including money creation by the banking sector, the role of the central bank, fiscal policy, and monetary policy are also examined. (C-ID ECON 202)

Units: 3.00

Offered: (Fa,Sp,Sm)

UC, CSU, Associate Degree Applicable

Prerequisites: Eligibility for MATH 095 as determined by the Crafton Hills College assessment process

Corequisites: None

Also Offered As: ECON 200H

Lecture: Minimum 48 hours per semester

Departmental Recommendation: Successful completion of MATH 095 and eligibility for ENGL 101


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