POLIT 110 Introduction to Political Theory

Introductory course on political theory, using primary texts to survey Western political thought, exploring issues such as the purpose of politics, the nature of justice and political authority, the social contract, natural rights, the responsibility of commUnity and citizenship, the paradox of democracy, the morality of political ambition and power, the future of the bourgeois state, and the virtues, failings and challenges of political diversity. Exposes students to some classic pieces in the field with training in how to work with and critically considered theoretical and philosophical texts addressing politics. (C-ID POLS 120)

Units: 3.00

Offered: (Odd Fa)

UC, CSU, Associate Degree Applicable

Prerequisites: None

Corequisites: None

Lecture: Minimum 48 hours per semester

Departmental Recommendation: Successful completion of POLIT 100 or POLIT 100H. Eligibility for ENGL 101


          Fall Offerings