Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum for Transfer to CSU and UC 2023-2024

Completion and certification of IGETC will permit community college students to transfer to a campus in the CSU or UC system without the need, after transfer, to take additional lower division general education courses to satisfy campus general education requirements. Courses in bold print are approved for Fall 2023 and thereafter.

IGETC is not advisable for all transfer students. Students with majors that require extensive lower division preparation may be best served by taking courses that fulfill the General Education Breadth of the UC campus. These majors include, but are not limited to, Engineering, Pre-professional programs, and Science.

Certification must be requested through the Admissions and Records Office. Current IGETC standards allow for full or partial certification. Partial certification is defined as completing all but two courses from any area except those listed in Areas 1 and 2.+  

Minimum UC and/or CSU transfer requirements must be met prior to transfer. All courses must be completed with a “C” or better. IGETC may be certified by any Community College the student has attended.

Acceptable scores on the College Credit for Advanced Placement (AP) Chart and the College Credit for International Baccalaureate (IB) Chart may be used for IGETC certification.


  • CSU - three (3) courses required, one (1) from each group below
  • UC - two (2) courses required, one (1) from group A and one (1) from group B

   A. English Composition: one (1) course, 3 semester/4 quarter units.

ENGL 101, ENGL 101H

   B. Critical Thinking - English Composition: one (1) course, 3 semester/4 quarter units.

ENGL 102, ENGL 102H; PHIL 103PHIL 103H 

   C. Oral Communication (CSU only): one (1) course, 3 semester/4 quarter units. 


AREA 2A - MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS AND QUANTITATIVE REASONING: one (1) course, 3 semester/4 quarter units

CSCI 200; MATH 102**, MATH 110, MATH 110H, MATH 115, MATH 141**, MATH 160**, MATH 200, MATH 250, MATH 251, MATH 252, MATH 265, MATH 266; PSYCH 120


At least three (3) courses with at least one (1) from the Arts and one (1) from the Humanities, 9 semester/12 quarter units.

   A. Arts:

ART 100, ART 100H, ART 102, ART 102H, ART 103, ART 105, ART 113; DANCE 200, DANCE 200H; ENGL 108, ENGL 109, ENGL 226; MUSIC 100, MUSIC 103, MUSIC 103H, MUSIC 120, MUSIC 120H, MUSIC 134; THART 100, THART 100H, THART 108, THART 109, THART 226

   B. Humanities:

ANTHRO 107*, ANTHRO 110*, ANTHRO 125*; ASL 102ASL 103, ASL 104, ASL 105, ASL 115*; ENGL 150, ENGL 152, ENGL 152H, ENGL 155, ENGL 155H, ENGL 160ENGL 160HENGL 162, ENGL 163**, ENGL 164**, ENGL 165, ENGL 170, ENGL 175, ENGL 250, ENGL 260, ENGL 261, ENGL 270, ENGL 271, ENGL 275, ENGL 280, ENGL 281; ETHS 107ETHS 162, ETHS 163**, ETHS 164**, ETHS 165; HIST 100*, HIST 100H*, HIST 101*, HIST 101H*, HIST 107*, HIST 135*, HIST 145*, HIST 150*, HIST 170*, HIST 170H*, HIST 171*, HIST 171H*; HUM 101, HUM 102, HUM 140; JAPN 103, JAPN 104; PHIL 101, PHIL 101H, PHIL 105, PHIL 105HPHIL 107, PHIL 109; RELIG 100, RELIG 100H, RELIG 101, RELIG 101H, RELIG 110*, RELIG 113, RELIG 120,* RELIG 135*, RELIG 175, RELIG 176; SPAN 103, SPAN 104

AREA 4 - SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES: At least 2 courses from at least two disciplines, 6 semester/9 quarter units

ANTHRO 100, ANTHRO 102, ANTHRO 102H, ANTHRO 106*, ANTHRO 106H*, ANTHRO 107*, ANTHRO 110*, ANTHRO 125*; ASL 115*;  CD 105CD 105H, CD 126, CD 182; COMMST 135, COMMST 174; ECON 100**, ECON 200, ECON 200H, ECON 201, ECON 201HETHS 107ETHS 132**, ETHS 141**, ETHS 141H**; GEOG 102, GEOG 102H, GEOG 120; HIST 100*, HIST 100H*, HIST 101*, HIST 101H*; HIST 107*, HIST 135*, HIST 145*, HIST 150*, HIST 170*, HIST 170H*, HIST 171*, HIST 171H*; JOUR 135; POLIT 100, POLIT 100H, POLIT 102, POLIT 104, POLIT 106, POLIT 110; PSYCH 100, PSYCH 100H, PSYCH 102, PSYCH 103, PSYCH 110, PSYCH 111, PSYCH 118; RELIG 110*, RELIG 120*, RELIG 135*; SOC 100, SOC 100H, SOC 105, SOC 106, SOC 130, SOC 132**, SOC 141**, SOC 141H**, SOC 145, SOC 150


At least two (2) courses required, one (1) Physical Science course and one (1) Biological Science course, 7 semester/9 quarter units.  At least one (1) course must include a laboratory. Courses with a laboratory component are designated in 5C and underlined in lists 5A and 5B.

   A. Physical:

ASTRON 150, ASTRON 150HCHEM 101**, CHEM 102**, CHEM 123CHEM 150CHEM 151CHEM 212CHEM 213; GEOG 110, GEOG 110HGEOG 114, GEOG 115, GEOG 126GEOL 100GEOL 100H, GEOL 101, GEOL 101HGEOL 112**, GEOL 113**, GEOL 140GEOL 150, GEOL 150H, GEOL 250OCEAN 100**, OCEAN 101**, OCEAN 101H**; PHYSIC 100**, PHYSIC 110**, PHYSIC 111**, PHYSIC 250**, PHYSIC 251**, PHYSIC 252**

   B. Biological:

ANAT 150ANAT 151; ANTHRO 106*, ANTHRO 106H*; BIOL 100, BIOL 123BIOL 130BIOL 130HBIOL 131BIOL 131H; MICRO 100MICRO 102**, MICRO 150**

   C. Laboratory: one (1) course associated with the lecture course used to satisfy 5A or 5B required, but may also be satisfied by underlined courses in 5A or 5B

        ANTHRO 116; ASTRON 160; GEOG 111, GEOG 111H; GEOL 141, GEOL 160

Area 6 - UC REQUIREMENT ONLY: Language Other Than English (LOTE)

   Complete one of the following:

ASL 101, ASL 102, ASL 103, ASL 104, ASL 105; JAPN 102, JAPN 103, JAPN 104; SPAN 102, SPAN 103, SPAN 104

OR two years of high school coursework in the same language with a grade of "C-" or better. (Students from "non-English-speaking" countries should see a counselor for language proficiency equivalencies.) See a counselor for options that meet this requirement.

Area 7 - Ethnic Studies: one (1) course, 3 semester/4 quarter units

ENGL 163**, ENGL 164**; ETHS 132**, ETHS 141**, ETHS 141H**, ETHS 163**, ETHS 164**; SOC 132**, SOC 141**, SOC 141H** 


CSU GRADUATION REQUIREMENT ONLY - U.S. History, Constitution and American Ideals

This area is not part of IGETC. Courses MAY be used to partially satisfy areas 3B or 4 per current IGETC Standards.

6 semester units, one course from group 1 and one course from group 2

Group 1 - POLIT 100, POLIT 100H

Group 2 - HIST 100, HIST 100H, HIST 101, HIST 101H

* Courses may be listed in more than one area, but may not be applied in more than one. The only exceptions to this are courses listed in both 3B and LOTE.

** Indicates that transfer credit may be limited by UC or CSU or both. Please see the catalog or consult a counselor.

NOTE: When a course is approved for IGETC, it applies for certification starting with the year of approval and ending when it is removed.

If your goal is to complete an AS-T in Biology or Chemistry, please see a counselor for information on IGETC for STEM. IGETC for STEM is only approved for the Associate in Science in Chemistry for Transfer Degree and the Associate in Science in Biology for Transfer Degree.  This pattern allows students to defer completion of one (1) course from each IGETC Area 3, 4, and LOTE (Language Other Than English) for students who have not previously satisfied the requirement through proficiency until after transfer. Students earning the AS-T in Chemistry or Biology with this pattern must complete the following before transfer: 

  • All required courses in Areas 1, 2, 5 and 7
  • One (1) course from Area 3A - Arts
  • One (1) course from Area 3B - Humanities
  • One (1) course in Area 4 - Social and Behavioral Sciences

IGETC for STEM certification is only accepted by the UC if both the UC major program and campus applied to accepts partial IGETC certification.

+Verify that the UC major program or college to which you are applying accepts partial IGETC certification.

UC: Entering UC transfer students may follow the IGETC Standards version current to when they began at a CCC, or any subsequent version. This policy applies to any CCC transfer student regardless of continuous enrollment.

This policy applies only to those UC campuses, colleges and departments that accept full and/or partial IGETC. For reference, a full table of UC campuses, colleges and departments that accept and do not accept full and partial IGETC is available on pages 42 - 43 of the UC Admissions Quick Reference Guide.

Students transferring to a UC campus and department that accepts IGETC (who wish to follow IGETC guidelines to fulfill their GE preparation) should expect the following:

  • For any students who begin at a California community college prior to Fall 2025: Students may present an IGETC certification beginning with the version current to when they began at a California community college. Examples include:
    • If the student begins in Fall 2022, they may follow IGETC 2.3, previous pattern, or beyond (including Cal-GETC)
    • If the student begins in Fall 2023, they may follow IGETC 2.4 (this version), which includes the new Area 7 – Ethnic Studies (3 units) and the modified Area 4 – Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 units), or beyond (including Cal-GETC)

CSU: Students who have maintained continuous enrollment at a California Community College or CSU or combination of the two that started before Fall 2023 may use the previous pattern:

  • Complete nine units in at least two disciplines in Area 4 and no Area 7 requirement.